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  Q) Our team has foreign students. Are they qualified?
  A) As long as the foreign student is a half-time or full-time student registered in your school, he/she can be a qualified member. In principle, your team represents your school.

Nationwide Preliminary Contest
  Q) We understand that during the Nationwide Preliminary Contest, the WWW and email are used. What if there is a problem on the network?

We are taking the utmost precaution by mirroring the server. However, we cannot guarantee 100%. If there should be an accident, the ICPC committee will discuss its solution afterwards.

  Q) We understand that the use of a printer during the Nationwide Preliminary Contest is permitted. Our Unix system does not have a compatible printer connected. In order to print problems and programs which we write, are we allowed to use a printer connected to a Windows machine?
  A) During the Nationwide Preliminary Contest, only one PC per team is allowed. If you need to print, you may use a second PC only for that purpose. If any of your team member writes a program on the second PC, we will consider that your team violated the Nationwide Preliminary Contest Rules.

Registration Fee & Financial Support to Teams
  Q) What about the cost to compete in Kanazawa 2002?
  A) No registration fee will be charged. The Kanazawa 2002 will host the welcome reception on the 3rd, breakfast, lunch, and the reception for Award Ceremony.

  Q) May we receive any traveling support to Kanazawa 2002?
  A) Your traveling fee will be compensated for by Kanazawa 2002. We will also take care of the rooms for the nights of Nov. 3rd and Nov. 4th. For foreign teams, only accommodation fee will be covered by Kanazawa 2002. There is a limited amount of foreign team support fund available.
If you are interested to apply for Foreign Team support, please
e-mail me the following information to the headquarters' office in ACM/ICPC Kanazawa 2002:

Team University:
Team Name:
Team Coach Name:
Contest Sites that the team plans to participate:
Travel by Air or by Land:
Starting City and Destination City for each site:

Funds will be given based on availability and on a first-come-first-served basis.

  Q) We saw the keyboard to be used during the contest on the web. Are we allowed to remap keys using such key mapping software as"xmodmap"?
  A) During the Nationwide Preliminary Contest, you are free to use any keyboard. However, re-mapping keys will not be allowed during Kanazawa 2002. Use the English keyboard that we provide during the contest. You cannot swap keyboards to the one you bring in. The key board rule conforms to that of the World Finals.

  Q) The Nationwide Preliminary Contest rules state that the PC for the contest must not have sample programs installed, such as functions to be used in typical problems. Are we allowed to use JavaDoc in programming in JAVA?
  A) Yes, you are free to use JavaDoc. JavaDoc is also installed on the Contest computer during the contest in Kanazawa 2002.

  Q) What are the available languages for programming?

C, C++, Java, Pascal.

  Q) Pascal and java have debugging tools installed. However, no debugger is available to C/C++ programmers. In order to have a fair contest, C/C++ must have some debugger also.

You are right. We have prepared rhide (downloadable from:
When you install rhide on a Japanese OS, you will run into a locale error. To solve this problem, you must disable the locale setting.
"locale setting".
The method to fix it is to disable the setting by entering in a command line:

export LANG=

Then run rhide.

  Q) Are we supposed to prepare our own compilers and editors for the contest?

During the Nationwide Preliminary Contest, you must prepare for the programming environment for your own team. During the Contest in Kanazawa 2002, we will prepare PCs with RedHat 7.3 installed. Computing environment as well as programming environments are listed on the web.

  Q) Does the neatness of programming count in the contest?

No. It's because the judges cannot make an objective evaluation measure for it. Even a messy program which can make proper output will count toward winning. However, following the World Finals, Kanazawa 2002 has been considering employing a Best Programming Style Award to a team which shows the most neatness in programming.

  Q) Our team would like to use the compilers on UNIX which are familiar to us.

It has been said that the World Finals next year will employ a Linux system. We have been trying hard to prepare for the computing and programming environments which are close to the next year's World Finals.
During the Nationwide Preliminary Contest, you are free to choose your computing and programming environments. However, in the Contest in Kanazawa 2002, all teams are required to use the computing and programming environments that we prepare. Refer to our web site for the details.

  Q) Are we able to print during the contest?

Yes, you can. Networked printers will be available during the contest. Your printouts will be delivered by the ICPC staff.

  Q) We understand that paper-bound dictionaries are allowed to be used during the contest.
What about references and printouts of libraries?

You may use paper-bound references and printouts. As long as references are made of paper media, you are free to use anything. You may use your notes, dictionaries, and reference materials too. However, in order to have a fair contest, we make the electronic digital equal to all teams. Thus, each team will be assigned to use one PC. Any other electronic equipments such as digital dictionaries, electronic calculators, cell phones (voice or email), digital cameras, digital watch with calculators or communication tools, memory media such as memory sticks, memory cards, external hard disks, floppies, CD ROMs, DVDs, are not permitted during the contest. Turn off the power and store them in your bags.
Furthermore, you are not allowed to use any open ports on your assigned PC either.