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Support from the Hosting Institution:
  During the Regional Contest in Kanazawa, the ICPC host institution will provide accommodation including breakfast to the three competing contest team members and a coach per team with the following conditions.

The support is limited only to one coach and three contestants per team. Breakfast will be served to those who have meal coupons issued by the hotel when you check in. It is not necessary for the team to make any reservation directly contacting the hotel. The ICPC host institution will take care of their reservations.

Any additional members such as reserves, second coach, and guests to accompany the team shall be financially responsible for their own visit to Kanazawa as well as accommodation. If you would like to have the ICPC host institution provide hotel information for your convenience, contact Satoru Kitamura skita@neptune.kanazawa-it.ac.jp for domestic teams, Tosh Yamamoto caitosh@neptune.kanazawa-it.ac.jp for foreign teams.

It should be noted that there is no financial support for the travel (international or domestic) for a foreign team to travel to Kanazawa. Each foreign team shall be responsible for their own trip to Kanazawa and back to their home institution.

*******NOV/02/2002 (foreign teams only)*******

  2-10 Hashiba-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, JAPAN
  URL http://www1.sphere.ne.jp/ctymonde/

  Youth Activities and Studies Center
  212-1 Tokiwa-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, JAPAN

12:30 A bus leaves KANAZAWA CITYMONDE HOTEL for KIT Campus for registration. (Transportation Fee: free of charge)

  Stay on the night of November 4
You may leave right after the Award Ceremony on the evening of November 4 th. However, for those who wish to stay one more night in Kanazawa, deepening international relations and communication and enjoying sightseeing in Kanazawa on the following morning, the ICPC host institution has reserved Youth Activities and Studies Center to stay overnight at no charge for the competed team members and their coaches. Complementary breakfast will be served. Please note that the center is not a hotel but rather a Japanese-styled youth hostel. There may be some cost involved for those who accompany the team and would also like to stay there.
There will be an optional sightseeing tour in the morning if you are interested. The tour ends at JR Kanazawa Station around noon.

If you wish to stay on the evening of November 4 th, contact Tosh Yamamoto (caitosh@neptune.kanazawa-it.ac.jp). If you are also interested in an optional city tour on the following morning, indicate so in your mail.

  How to get to Kanazawa
There are several ways to arrive Kanazawa from international airports in Japan. Taking a Railway (JR) train from either JR Kansai Airport Station or JR Narita Airport Station is a sure way to arrive Kanazawa. If you prefer to fly from Haneda Airport in Tokyo, you must first go from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport by bus. From Haneda Airport you will fly to Komatsu Airport, located in Komatsu City, about 35 kilometers southwest from Kanazawa. You must take a bus from Komatsu Airport to Kanazawa.

The followings descriptions will give you some ideas about typical routes, traveling time and cost. Allow extra time (approx. 10-30 min.) for each transfer.

<from JR Kansai Airport Station to JR Kanazawa Station>--4 plus hours to Kanazawa
From JR Kansai Airport (Kansai Kuko) Station to Shin-Osaka, take an Express Train called "Haruka" (50 min.)
Transfer at Shin-Osaka
From Shin-Osaka to JR Kanazawa Station, take either an Express Train called "Raicho", or "Thunderbird" (150-165 min.)
Total Travel Cost: approximately 10,150 yen

You may want to stay in Osaka when you arrive in Japan after 6 pm because it takes a little over four (4) hours to travel to Kanazawa. There will be no train available to arrive Kanazawa on the same day if you arrive in the evening. Based on your flight schedule, plan well to travel to Kanazawa from Kansai Airport Station. Train services start after 6 am in the morning.

<from Narita Airport to JR Kanazawa Station>-- 5 plus hours to Kanazawa
From Narita Airport (Narita Kuko) to JR Tokyo Station,: take "Narita Express" on JR (60 min.)
From JR Tokyo Station to Echigo Yuzawa, take a Bullet Train (Jo-Etsu Shinkansen) "Asahi" (70-80 min.)
Transfer at Echigo Yuzawa
From Echigo Yuzawa to JR Kanazawa Station, take an Express "Hakutaka" (150-180 min.)
Total Travel Cost: 13, 120 yen
<from Narita Airport to Komatsu Airport via Haneda Airport>- - 4 plus hours to Kanazawa
From Narita Airport to Haneda Airport, take an Airport Limousine bus (90-180 min.) 3,000 yen
From Haneda Airport to Komatsu Airport, use a domestic flight. (50-60 min.) 19,000 yen
From Komatsu Airport to Kanazawa or KIT, take a bus. Choose a Kanazawa Station bound bus or a KIT-bound bus (kodai) based on your destination.
Get off at the final destination. (60 min) fare= 1,100 yen
Note:If there is not a direct bus service to KIT, then ride on the bus for Kanazawa Eki (=station). Use the public bus service between JR Kanazawa station to KIT. (see above) fare= 1,100 yen + 330 yen
Total Travel Cost: 25,000 yen

By taxi: 20-30 min. fare= approx. 2,500 yen

JR Kanazawa Station to CITYMONDE HOTEL

Take any bus at Terminal #4 from the West Exit, where the monument is. Get off at Hashibacho Bus Stop. 5-10 min. fare=200
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Special Notes to Foreign Teams

1. Accommodation for additional people who accompany the team
In order to be fare with other teams traveling from abroad, our housing support is restricted to only three contestants and one coach per team. Please bear in mind that there will be no exception for this policy or additional financial support for additional team members. Thus, any additional members or faculty related to your team must take care of their own accommodation fees. If you need information regarding their accommodation, contact Tosh Yamamoto (caitosh@neptune.kanazawa-it.ac.jp).
When you contacting him, provide the number of people and their names that are planning on traveling to Kanazawa for the competition. If the group travel to Japan separately, list all subgroups and their members as well as detailed itinerary.

2. Detailed Itinerary Needed for Application or Visa.
In order to apply for a visa for your team to enter Japan, a specific time table and information about accommodation (e.g. hotel names and phone numbers) must be presented at the time of application. Please study the travel information above and provide us with your traveling plan.

Based on the information provided to us, we will send you a letter of invitation. Because the letter must specify names of those who will travel to Kanazawa, we would like to know in advance who will actually travel to Kanazawa for competition.